How should I choose the music for my ceremony? What if I don't know much about wedding music?

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Choose the style of music that matches the ambiance of your ceremony and appeals to you personally! For instance, what kind of ceremony will you have: formal, semi-formal, or informal? Is the wedding a traditional church wedding, an outdoor garden wedding, or a completely unique/theme wedding? These questions will help you decide the "feel" of your wedding and choose the appropriate music for your event.

We are always available to consult via email or phone to assist you! The Trio has a large and varied repertoire of both traditional classical and unique Celtic and folk music selections to perfectly complement your unique ceremony. We provide all of our clients with a Demo CD of musical selections to help you choose the perfect music for your special day, and we are always happy to give suggestions and help you choose your music! We also provide clients with a Music Planning Form, which shows the parts of the ceremony that usually have musical accompaniment and offers guidelines for selecting your music. This form must be completed and emailed or mailed to us one month before your wedding.

It is also important to speak with your celebrant about any musical restrictions they may have (especially if you are having a religious ceremony at a church or synagogue), and determine which parts of your ceremony will need musical accompaniment.

Do you travel for events that are outside of the Cincinnati area?

Yes, we will travel regionally to play for wedding and events outside of Cincinnati. We have played for many weddings in Dayton, Indiana, Kentucky, and other areas of Ohio. For events that are outside of Cincinnati, an extra fee does apply, depending on the traveling distance. Please contact us for more details.

Will you attend my wedding rehearsal?

It is not necessary for the group to attend your rehearsal, as we have many years of experience and can ensure that everything will go smoothly. If you need to have a member of the group present for your rehearsal, this can sometimes be arranged. Please be aware that a separate rehearsal fee will be charged - the amount will depend on how long the Midnight Rose representative is present, where the rehearsal takes place, and whether or not any playing is required.

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Can Midnight Rose perform for an outdoor event?

Yes, we have performed for many outdoor events. We do need adequate shading from the sun and rain, due to the delicate nature of our instruments. We cannot perform in temperatures below 60 degrees, above 95 degrees, or in the rain. Our best advice for an outdoor wedding is to have a good area (such as a gazebo, tent, or covered patio) determined for the Trio ahead of time.

Does the Trio need any special setup?

Yes, we need three armless chairs and adequate lighting at the venue. Outdoor events require adequate shading from the sun and full protection from the rain.

Can I request to have Midnight Rose play a piece of music for my wedding that is not currently on your song list?

Yes! The Trio can oblige special musical requests that are not currently in our repertoire and we will always do our best to accommodate your special request. Please be aware that we do need sufficient time to prepare the music (minimum of 4 weeks), so any special requests need to be made well in advance of your event.

Depending on the complexity and amount of time needed to prepare the piece, a request fee may apply. If the correct arrangement is not available, we can arrange the piece for our instrumentation. Please contact us to discuss any special musical requests you would like performed.

How do I reserve my event date and make payments?

If you want to book your event date with us, just let us know by contacting us through the form here, or via email or phone. We require a 50% deposit and a simple signed agreement to reserve your date. The remaining balance is due no later than two weeks before the event.